Wildly Distinctive Bourbon

Welcome to the home of The Whiskey Cartel and Palizzi Distillery. We are committed to utilizing quality Colorado Rocky Mountain water to create the best bourbon whiskey that the discerning palate deserves. With our different essences of bourbon whiskey, we combine the infusing process with the best mash, aged, distilled product to give you the best outcome and experience possible. Our barrels are aged for a minimum of 4 years ensuring a quality taste. We want you to first sniff a fresh pour and smell the sweet aromas of our bourbon whiskey and the hint of fresh fruit in our bourbons.

When it comes to our various bourbon whiskeys, Palizzi Distillery creates the perfect combination for an enjoyable cocktail with aged bourbon whiskey and subtle notes of fruit. It has been over a decade to bring the most deserving recipes to our friends and customers that stimulate the taste buds and amplify the conversation.

After you have had a chance to smell our sweet and savory bourbon whiskey with the wildly distinctive notes, we want you to enjoy sipping our distilled spirits and enjoy what The Whiskey Cartel has kept secret for many years. Enjoy the exquisite taste of our bourbon whiskey neat, over a cube of purified ice or mixed in a unique blend of cocktails.