For decades, our passion and love for unique spirits has suggested we were like a Whiskey Cartel. Shrouded in secrecy when we tried new recipes, not willing to share with others and working in the cover of darkness. If we were self proclaimed The Whiskey Cartel or our family and friends declared us as such, it wasn’t until years later we realized everyone was actually in our Whiskey Cartel. Some of us as the original Whiskey Cartel declared we wanted everyone to JOIN THE MOVEMENT AND JOIN OUR WHISKEY CARTEL.

Since then, it has grown from our original Whiskey Cartel to the Westernized Whiskey Cartel to today’s modern and contemporary believers and followers.

We welcome everyone to join the cartel… The Whiskey Cartel. Enjoy our brands and tastes with friends and family and make a point to cross over and connect with those outside your cartel and imbibe to enjoy together the same love for whiskey.


From the roots of the Western United States to specifically the Rocky Mountains, our Whiskey Cartel has evolved to a more rugged western cartel of sorts. With the love for the mountains and western living, we encourage all those who love whiskey and whiskey with notes of fruits to join our western cartel and be part of the movement. That movement is to bond together over the great tastes of whiskey and infused with notes of fruits and enjoy the new friends around you. We enjoy our western culture and enjoy all of those who have joined our western cartel and look forward to meeting our new friends.


It goes without saying the fastest growing demographic of our whiskey cartel is the modern, discerning, experimental and contemporary whiskey drinkers that share our passion. The West has seen this group enjoy the brown colored spirits more than ever. Our Contemporary Cartel knows what they want, throws caution to the wind and enjoys everything new. Like others before you, it’s time to join the movement and join The Whiskey Cartel… The Contemporary Cartel. Our newest friends care about good products and great brands and we welcome them to the Contemporary Cartel. Our contemporary friends drink it neat and make the craziest and best strawberry and banana infused cocktails. Thank you for your patronage.